Non-surgical Facelift Treatment

The non-surgical facelift also known as the liquid facelift combines prescription facial injections with facial and lip fillers to create a more refreshed, youthful appearance that looks perfectly natural and balanced to the proportions of your face.

If you’re looking to soften the signs of aging and create a well-rested and refreshed overall appearance, but you don’t want or require the more invasive aspects of a surgical procedure such as a facelift, then a non-surgical facelift or liquid facelift may be the perfect solution for you.
This non-invasive treatment is totally customized to your goals and your needs and is ideal for treating fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss. We create an individual treatment plan for you that uses a combination of cosmetic injectables, including injections for wrinkles and dermal fillers, that help to smooth out the look of the skin and create or enhance facial contours. We are able to target fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, the brows and the forehead, while also addressing laugh lines, marionette lines or the nasolabial folds.

In addition to smoothing out the skin, we can enhance features like the jawline, chin or lips that help to create a more youthful profile, or to simply achieve a more contoured look according to your goals or desires

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