Filler Follow-Up: How to Reduce Bruising After Filler Injections

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Temporary dermal fillers are a non-invasive and quick way to freshen up your look and create a smoother, more younger-looking face.  

Whether you’re plumping up your pout or filling in deeper lines and wrinkles on your face, the proper aftercare is important to reduce post-injectable bruising – the most common side effect from injectables.

After you’ve received your consultation and decided on your procedure with Dr. Sahiholnasab (Sahih), the next step is preparing for your appointment. Here’s what to avoid before you go in:

  1.       No alcohol for 48 hours before your procedure
  2.       Skip the multivitamins – especially vitamin E – for at least three days prior to your appointment
  3.       Avoid the following supplements and medications one week prior to your procedure:
    • Aspirin
    • Ibuprofen, Advil or Motrin
    • St. John’s Wort
    • Fish Oil
    • Flaxseed Oil
    • Omega 2
    • Ginko
    • Ginseng
    • Garlic
    • Glucosamine

After your procedure, some simple steps can help to decrease your bruising:

  •       Avoid alcohol for up to 48 hours after  your injections
  •       Pass on any vigorous exercise for 24-48 hours
  •       Wait 24 hours before applying makeup where you had injections
  •       Apply ice packs and Arnica gel to the injection site to help you heal and lessen the chance of bruising
  •       Indulge in some fresh pineapple – it contains bromelain – which can help decrease bruising.

It is also recommended to have injections done one to two weeks before any major events or plans.

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